The perfect connection between your car and the Ecosystem

The innovative real time cloud system for car data analysis.

An ecosystem orchestrator, managing a continuous flow of data drawn from many digital touchpoints and connected devices, with the aim to create a wonderful customer experience.

Protection services

The protection that doesn’t loose a shot


It constantly protects your car from theft, checking that is always reachable


Located your car in real time thanks to newest GPS sensor


Additional protection that informs you in case of unexpected movement of your car

Trust Services

Smart Protection


Assistance in case of crash from Operation Center


Thanks to Assisted GPS, you will be able to track your journeys, their duration and your cover distance


Receive a notification when your car leave a specific area


Memorize speed variation up to 10s before accident thanks to accelerometer 3D in 400Hz


Monitore any malfunction thanks to OBD II technology


Manage your fuel consumption, your wallet, and be environmentally friendly


No surprise! Check your speed and received a notification when you exceed


Track you business trip, and calculate your mileage costs refunded

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

– Henry Ford


The revolutionary anti-theft system


CarBeat exclusive function monitors constantly your car. The only anti-theft solution that hinders to jamming

24/7 at your service

In case of suspicious events, the Operation Center will contact and help you to get in touch with security force


Track your journeys, their duration and your cover distance.

Assisted GPS

You will be able to track your journeys, their duration and your cover distance


The easiest way to find your car

Location always updated

The GPS system can located in real time your car.

Parking? No-Problem!

Did you park in the mall garage, and you don’t remember where your car is? No panic! With CarBea you know exactly where is your car

Advanced Telemetry

No-stop Control

You won’t miss any detail

Knowing the driving behaviour for constantly improving the performance.

Our operation building is always active, in order to control everything and to give, remotely, all the information you need.


Extra protection for peaceful dream

New generation anti-theft

LockBeat activated a virtual alarm and sent you a notification on your smartphone in case of unexpected movement of your car

Set up your stops

Thanks to calendar option, you can schedule LockBeat on your own habits

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